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Although staying active is essential to good health, certain activities can lead to injuries of your foot or ankle. If you experience a sports injury, Richmond Podiatry Associates in the Eltingville neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, offers both conservative and surgical treatment options. The team of highly skilled podiatrists specializes in comprehensive foot and ankle care. To speak with a doctor about your sports injury, call or book online today.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What are some different types of sports injuries?

A number of sports injuries can affect your feet and ankles including:


A sprain is a type of injury that occurs when your ligaments are overstretched or torn. The most common type of sprain is an ankle sprain, which can happen as the result of a sudden injury like an awkward movement, fall, or forceful blow. Issues like improper footwear or walking on uneven surfaces can increase your risk of ankle sprains. 

Ankle sprains can cause a number of symptoms including pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. If left untreated, you may experience repeated ankle sprains which can lead to chronic ankle instability. Although most sprains can be treated with conservative methods, significant damage to your ligaments may require surgery. 


Supporting your mobility and the weight of your body puts your feet at risk for fractures. A fracture or broken bone can develop as the result of a traumatic injury (like a fall or forceful low) or overuse. 

A stress fracture is a tiny crack in your bone caused by overuse or overtraining. Stress fractures are common in weight-bearing areas like your feet and ankles and can cause pain and tenderness that tends to worsen over time.  

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is a type of injury that causes inflammation to your Achilles tendon — the band of tissues that connect your calf to your heel bone. Achilles tendonitis is caused by overuse. 

Issues like repetitive activities or sudden increases in activity can damage the tissues in your Achilles tendon, leading to inflammation, soreness, and tenderness. Without proper treatment, Achilles tendonitis can lead to a rupture which usually requires surgery. 

Additional sports injuries include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior tibial tendonitis (PTTD)
  • Dislocation
  • Bursitis
  • Strained muscles and ligaments

If left untreated, certain sports injuries can lead to worsening symptoms or permanent damage to the structures in your foot or ankle. At Richmond Podiatry Associates, the team performs accurate diagnoses to ensure you receive the right treatment for your sports injury. 

How are sports injuries diagnosed?

Injuries to the foot and ankle are often complex, so an accurate diagnosis is essential to successful treatment. During your appointment, your doctor performs a thorough physical exam, checking for issues like swelling, warmth, limited movement, and other abnormalities. 

In many cases, your doctor conducts additional tests like an X-ray, MRI, or ultrasound to get a detailed view of your foot and ankle structure. After your diagnosis, your doctor determines the best course of action for relieving your pain and restoring physical function. 

How are sports injuries treated?

Depending on your sports injury, treatment may include:

  • Immobilization (cast, splint, or brace)
  • RICE (rest, ice, compression elevation)
  • Pain medication
  • Orthotics
  • Physical therapy

If your condition doesn’t improve with conservative care, you may need surgery. To find out which treatment is right for you, book an appointment by phone or online today.